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About Us

Relationships Matter

At some point everyone has to deal with the legal and financial fallout from a family member dying.  Most people are shocked at how bureaucratic, time consuming, and frustrating it is to go through an estate (probate) process.  We have chosen this area of law because we can make a difference to our clients both in planning ahead (wills, trusts, etc.) to avoid probate court.  This is about relationships and caring. 

Live Well and Leave Harmony

Too many people end up with estate plans that they and their families don't understand.  We want to help our clients go beyond a plan, to creating a team of family and friends that understand their needs and wishes, and are all working together.  Good planning needs to provide for aging, living well until you die, and leaving a legacy of family harmony.  

Meet The Team

"I thought I was in the wrong profession for years until I realized that many people need a different type of lawyer.  Lawyers who serve people (instead of corporations or the government) need to understand what our clients really want and need to have better lives.  It is not as simple as maximizing the dollar value of a case.   I want to make my client's lives better, and that can be complicated.  It begins with caring and getting to know my clients as real people."

Law School: UNC 1998

Pets: two cats

Hobbies: pick-up basketball, board games, tai-chi, meditation

Happy place: Sarah P. Duke gardens

Fun fact: wrote and directed two plays, college DJ (WXYC)

“I have always been fascinated with estate planning and estate administration because these areas require constant interactions with other people. The process of losing someone is hard enough, but then being forced to navigate the legal system on top of that is enough to stress just about anyone out. When it comes to estate planning, it is very challenging to think about what happens when you and your loved ones pass away. The way our office practices law is meant to be collaborative and comfortable– we provide you with a safe space to process your emotions, ask questions, and be given the tools and information you need to make your decisions. We are doing our jobs well when you feel a burden has been lifted off of your shoulders and that you have been treated with the kindness, compassion, and respect you deserve.”



Law School: Campbell University

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, and disability advocacy.

Happy place: Sitting down with my family, eating good food, and watching our energetic pups wrestle.

Fun fact: I love music and theater, but I am completely incapable of carrying a tune myself!

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