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Estate Planning For Women

Women are often discouraged from taking charge of their financial and legal situation. 

We create wills and trusts for women in all stages of their lives. 

Our clients don’t just get an estate plan, they also get respect and encouragement.

Talking over Coffee
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Estate Administration & Probate

If you need to open an estate for a family member, we can help

The estate process in North Carolina is broken and extremely frustrating

We help our clients by making it as easy as possible


At some point everyone has to deal with the legal and financial fallout from a family member dying.  Most people are shocked at how bureaucratic, time consuming, and frustrating it is to go through an estate (probate) process.  We have chosen this area of law because we can make a difference to our clients both in planning ahead (wills, trusts, etc.) and in the estate (probate) process.  This is about relationships and caring.  Our clients don't just get forms and documents, they get a team of compassionate people who are going with them through this process. 

We are a North Carolina law firm and assist clients throughout the state.  We can help out-of-state clients so long as their legal matter is in North Carolina.

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