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Estate Planning Made Easy

Your plan will fit your needs 

You will understand your plan and how it works

We will update your plan to fit the stages of your life

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Estate Planning For Families
With Young Children

Families with young children need the inheritance to go into a trust, not to the children directly.

We will explain your trust in plain language so you understand it and can use it to best advantage.

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Estate Planning For
Divorced and Single People

Divorced, widowed, and single people have particular planning needs,

especially if they have children.  We work with you to make plan that fits your needs. 

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Estate Planning for
Blended Families

Marriages later in life can create "blended" families with children from previous relationships.

Without thoughtful estate planning, families can be thrown into conflict and pain.  We work with blended families to create plans crafted to minimize family strife and maximize family unity.


At some point everyone has to deal with the legal and financial fallout from a family member dying.  Most people are shocked at how bureaucratic, time consuming, and frustrating it is to go through an estate (probate) process.  I have chosen estate planning as my focus to help my clients avoid probate court and create plans that support living well and dying well.   

I am an attorney at the law firm TrustCounsel.  TrustCounsel is a multistate law firm with offices in North Carolina and Florida.   Our North Carolina offices are in Chapel Hill and North Chatham County.


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